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Typography tips for beginners to level up

Really good typography is often hard to achieve, but if executed correctly can act as a powerful engine to convey your message. Without typography, your design would look like a document. Here are some typography tips for beginners to level up.

Ø Understand font families and use them in your design. Using related fonts will provide consistency in your design.

Ø Use only a few fonts in your design. Visual typography looks better when you use a limited number of font families. The basic rule of typography is simple: less is more.

Ø Be careful with fonts. Do not deform fonts because it destroys the natural measurements that others have spent years tweaking.

Ø Explore the art of kerning in your design. Leave an even amount of space between letters or whole words. This creates readable text that is visually appealing.

Ø Test out a variety of design types to create contrast. Contrast highlights the important elements of type. It maintains readability and visual pleasure.

Ø You can evaluate your own work by changing its visual perspective. Effective typography can elevate a campaign just as ineffective typography can break it.

And like any other craft, it is a skill that takes time and practice. Oftentimes, it is designers and creatives who experiment more, that come up with breathtaking expressions of typography, than those who play safe and use Helvetica all the time.


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