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The golden rules of typography you need to know

Doubting why is typography so important in design. The alignment, the spacing, the height of characters - all of these convey an important message to your customers. Some of it may be clear and conscious, some may be latent and subliminal. It's important to pay attention not just to your words, but to how they look.

You should follow these golden rules to make your type of design visually appealing.

Ø Use a Font - To create clear text that guides the eye through a design, choose a font and stay consistent. Certain fonts can have different meanings and interpretations. Keep things simple and stick with one font to avoid a clutter of unrelated and odd fonts.

Ø Align Left - Unless you have a specific reason, align your text from left to right. This makes it easier for the reader to navigate the text.

Ø Contrast - Go from light to bold, or medium to extra bold when skipping weights. This creates a nice contrast that makes your text interesting.

Ø Group - Use rules or lines to group related information. This way, even disparate objects look more orderly when put together. The same can be applied when using font weights as well.

Ø Use Spacing - Spacing is important when it comes to typography. Avoid having a single word in the last line of the paragraph. Do not allow a new page or column to begin with the last word or line from a previous paragraph. Keep what belongs together, close together. Mind the gap.

Ø Avoid the corners - Do not place elements in the margins or corners of a page unless you want to intentionally truncate elements. Negative space is a good thing. Let your design breathe.

Ø The shapes of the letters, their weights, and the angles of the individual strokes - All these create a different response. They speak to different brand identities. Choose a font that represents your brand - and stick with it. Do not combine them for the sake of combining.

In most cases, the distinguishing factor between mediocre and great design is often how effectively these golden rules have been applied during the creation process. Great design is never made by chance. It is achieved by first being strong in the fundamentals and then pushing the limits of the imaginable beyond the threshold.


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