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Torus - The story behind the name.

We often get questions about our name. What IS a torus? Why Torus, of all the names an Art & Design Studio could have?

Let's take this one-by-one.

What is a TORUS?

A Torus or a Toroid is the so-called doughnut shape. Like you must have guessed now, we did not name ourselves Torus because we love donuts above anything else in the world. We do like donuts alright, but believe it or not, this very unassuming shape is the oldest structure in existence and the purest, most perfect shape according to both science and metaphysics.

This very special form has been used to describe a number of things in our material world, as well as the "imaginary", potential one. Scientists have also suggested that the energy field at every scale, and even the entire universe may be shaped like a torus.

To illustrate a few places where you can find the torus in the material world :

1. The earth's field, referred to as the Van Allen Belt.

2. Particle Physics :

JET TOROIDAL ACCELERATOR : The Torus provides the best environment within which to accelerate particles.

Also, the most efficient form for (space) Energy storage magnets is, you guessed it - the torus.

3. THE STANFORD TORUS : The most preferred shape to enclose a space station or a star colony.

4. Most energy efficient shape for electrical applications (Transformer coil winding etc)

5. Toroidal energy fields exist around everything - People, trees, earth, planets, the sun, the solar system, the galaxy and so on.


The torus figures heavily in the esoteric study of sacred geometry and is a concept that reappears in a remarkably similar fashion across a huge number of different cultures.

It has even been suggested that the torus can be used to define the workings of consciousness itself - the geometric structure used to describe the self-reflective nature of consciousness is the torus.

If you could imagine a vortex of energy that bends back along itself and re-enters itself, essentially doing a continuous 'inside-out' maneuver, you get a torus.

Biophysical manifestations such as the human heart and the double helical structure of the DNA have toroidal configurations too.

In essence, for someone with the eye to see it, the torus is present everywhere - from the atom to the universe, in every form - sentient or otherwise.

When starting out, we wanted our work to be named after a "form"- tangible, relevant, compelling and powerful. It had to be abstract enough to create meaning and definite enough to be assigned meaning.

After much deliberation and tons of reading, the torus came across as a form that perfectly embodies the values, characteristics and essence of everything we stand for and look up to.

1. The energy of a torus is continually refreshing itself, continually influencing itself.

- This quality of evolution through self-reflection is at the core of our work.

2. The torus is a shape with undisputed relevance and acceptance in both science and metaphysics.

- As designers, we draw inspiration from the realms of science and metaphysics both. One, based on systematic, proven and measurable systems and the other, abstract, symbolic and non-representational.

The torus is a common denominator across both realms - the self-organizing way consciousness is designed.

Also, who doesn't love donuts!!

And so, Torus Design Lounge was born. We hope that in the years to come, every piece of work coming out of our design studio upholds the gravity and essence of our name.


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