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The psychology behind logo design

A logo is the strongest symbol of a brand. This is because an image or a single word can convey values that thousands of written words could only hope to convey. That's why it makes sense to think carefully about each attribute of your logo to understand what it's supposed to mean.

Understanding the psychology of logo design will help you design your logo better.

Ø Certain colors can evoke certain emotions and convey different concepts. The colors you use in your logo reflect your company, express its values, and reinforce your brand identity. Therefore, choosing the right color scheme and using the right hue is one of the most important steps toward a successful logo design. It is important to understand that different colors express different emotions.

Ø From a psychological perspective, there is nothing more important than shape. The human brain is hardwired to understand and remember shapes. This is how we learn things. You remember a distinctive shape long after you have seen it. Shapes determine whether a logo looks heavy, dynamic, mechanical, stable, and more. Everything from the individual lines of a logo to the entire silhouette is a shape.

Ø The style of a font speaks a different language than the words themselves. The fonts used in logos should not be chosen arbitrarily or just because they look attractive. Instead, the fonts used in a logo design must reflect a brand's values while directly conveying a company's intended message. In this regard, the style of the font can make a logo name or tagline appear traditional, very technical, elegant, or personal.

The colors, shapes, and fonts you choose in logo design for your client's brand image are critical not only for recognition but also for creating a sense of trust or authority or even excitement, whatever the emotions you want to associate with the company.


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