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How to choose the right colors for your brand

Ever racked your brains, unable to decide what colors to use for your business or campaign?

Choosing the right colors ensures that your audience sees what they should see and feels what they should feel.

Here are some tips to give you a general direction and possibly help you make the right choice.

Ø Certain colors can also suggest certain qualities. Peace, unity, and trust are associated with blue. It also symbolizes calmness and serenity. Paypal, Bank of America, Visa, and other financial companies use blue in their color scheme.

Ø Yellow inspires creativity, joy, fun, and confidence, and the shades of yellow used can have different effects. For example, bright yellow attracts attention and excitement, and golden yellow is associated with curiosity.

Ø Green is associated with the outdoors, nature, prosperity, and the environment: When we see a product in green packaging, we automatically think it is healthy or environmentally friendly. In addition, green can inspire creativity, innovation, and balance.

Ø Orange is a positive color associated with happiness, success, and determination. Like other warm colors, orange has an energetic effect and can attract shoppers' attention, leading to impulse purchases.

Ø Black, while being the color of mourning in many cultures, is also a popular choice for luxury retailers. Black represents authority, power, luxury, and elegance. This would explain why Prada, Rolls Royce, and Chanel use it in their logos.

Ø Red is a color that attracts attention. It is a color associated with energy because it is emotionally intense. Coco-Cola or Mcdonald's are advertised in red. Red is often associated with power and passion.

You should not commit to just one color, but experiment and try several colors to find the right one for you. The colors you choose for your website, branding, and marketing can have a bigger impact than you think.


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