Powerful visuals are capable of leaving a lasting impact on the human mind. Visuals are also the most effective media to stimulate human imagination and to convey or communicate ideas. Even when a business has a very high quality product or service to offer, the role of an impactful visual aesthetic can never be sidestepped. That would be equivalent to self-sabotage. 
Torus first began as an illustration practise to craft beautiful visuals for businesses in all sectors. Illustration still continues to be our flagship offering. Our illustration work spans over a very wide spectrum that includes film, fashion, editorials, publishing, textiles, manufacturing industries, jewelry, retail and much more. Over the years, we have polished our skills and expanded our portfolio of styles and techniques. 
Illustration is not our business, it is what keeps us going everyday, our Ikigai.


We have a huge portfolio of thousands designs suited for application on textile & fabrics, tiles, porcelain, greeting cards, calendars, wallpapers and many more. There are pattern designs, geometric designs, abstracts, monochromes, colorfuls, photo manipulations, collages, typographic art and tons more. We are also open to creating custom-tailored designs to feature on limited edition collections. If you are a licensing firm or a manufacturer, please drop us a message and we will get in touch with you to find out the best design fit for your range of offerings.

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Consumers buy brands first and products next.
In a decade's experience working with businesses at all scales, we have seen that building a brand means building incredible value. A brand is the perception, sentiment and receptivity that the consumer experiences when talking or hearing about a business. This is the outcome of the exercise that we all know as Branding.
Thanks to technology and the internet, no matter what the scale of your business, the entire world is your market. This technology driven growth in market means that it is all the more vital to have a striking yet solid aesthetic, as that is where credibility begins.
We craft remarkable aesthetics and user experiences for your ventures.
The true potential of a brand is limitless. More often than not, emotions overpower logic when it comes to purchase decisions. This is why we believe that every branding exercise must be built upon the foundation of strong, honest and engaging ideas.
At Torus, we follow a very rigorous process that involves proven methodologies to give dimensions to abstract narratives. Simply said, we can bring out the beauty of your business through our workmanship. 

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